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A thought once lost....... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 Nov 2011|12:11pm]
Hello? Wow.This place is deserted.

Throw up the devil horns [13 Sep 2008|08:08am]
God damn it. I now regret cutting my long hair for such a stupid reason. I wish I could go back 3 months and stop myself. Oh well....I really don't need anything more in my life at this moment. My heroes have returned. My faith, rewarded.
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Today. [17 Aug 2008|04:57am]
Today was a pretty great day.
I hung out with my buddies. We made some cool music tunes. One, a somewhat quick tempo and very catchy looped bit of voice overs that really gets into your head...in a pleasant way.
And one very dreamy "Explosions in the sky" type song.

We also had a ton of laughs(according to our sound scale.) Yes, plenty of laughter, I haven't been in the laughing mood for sometime. But, today, I started feeling good or better I should say. Much more like my old self. My old old self. 2004 Jon!

We watched a rather hilarious movie, Pineapple Express. At least I thought it was hilarious. I might need to watch it once more under normal circumstances. Tonight however, it was funny. Not only was it funny but Pineapple Express actually helped me in a way. Yes, Helped me. It changed my outlook on a situation. I actually empathized with one of the characters in that movie. He just seemed to be dealing with a situation, fictionally, that I'm dealing with in reality. I also learned that I should cherish my close friends and comorades more. The time I spend with my friends and the memories I had with them are something I'll always be grateful for. I hope to make many more.

Wow, I can't believe this dumb stoner movie is making me reflect like this.

The coolest thing about the movie was the fact that they mentioned GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!!

That's so cool. And a first.

What else happened today? Oh, yes, I became an Uncle today. Yes, I am the proud Tio to two very cute very tiny little girls. It was so surreal. I hadn't been all too excited to becoming an Uncle, but once I saw them, I instantly like the little ones. We all tried to come up with names for the kids since Angie wasn't complete set on any names yet. I came up with two really great, I mean, completely wonderful and original names. But, she didn't quite go for them. She thought they were much too weird. She's probably right.

However, I think the names were so cool, that my stance on having kids has done a 180. I actually want to have kids one day. no kidding. A whole bunch. Just so I can go nuts naming an army of children really weird, very long, and pretty original names. Then teach them my ways. I think it would be interesting to unleash a horde of my offspring into this world. Now I just need to find myself a willing and like-minded woman with wide-child bearing hips.

My first Child will be named: Authorized Personal. He or she will have total access to every restricted door in the world.

My second child will be: Turtle Tyrannous. He will rule.

They other dozen or so names, well, I can't list for fear of some baby name snatcher might one day stumble by some chance onto my livejournal entry...then proceed to steal my babies......names.

So much more to write about, so much to remember of this day. But I'm getting too sleepy.

Yes, a good day indeed.
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Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. [04 Aug 2008|03:53am]
Man runs into a Family Dollar store.
Frantically:"Quick!! It's an emergency!! Where do you keep the Betty Crocker canned frosting?!?"

That was pretty much my Friday.

Waking up.....It's been a long slumber [20 Jul 2008|03:36am]
Hello? is this thing on? does anyone still use this poor forgotten thing called "live journal?" Are we still alive?!?
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I need help on my homework [06 Feb 2007|07:40pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

true or false: 8(78+4)>16/27^4

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[25 Sep 2006|09:16pm]
Hello, everyone
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[02 Sep 2006|07:23pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hello, Lupy.

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Bill Cosby is a Monster [12 May 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | inquisitive ]

Where Are My Jell-o Pudding Pops??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Minute After Forever [16 Jan 2006|01:39am]
[ mood | better than 1,000 eskimo bfs ]

I went to the desert alone

under this giant black dome with tiny specks of brilliant

lustrous light.

Wishing I could share with you and only you this

majestic sight.

But you weren't there.

Pondering under a cold December sky

transfixed in my stare...

To Orion I spoke everything I thought and felt

as I counted the stars on Orion's belt.

I realized so clear, clear as that night sky

that there is absolutely nothing quite like you and I.

You were worth the lonesome wait.

When I breathe you in, the windows to my soul dilate.

It's so dynamic.

Pulsing and electric, calming and ecstatic.

Whispering, "sweet nothings" in your ear feels so right.

And for hours on end, I thought of you that night.

I knew this was beyond the average poem, love letter or song

but for the life of me I never thought

I had found what every person has sought

until last night.

I wish I could give you a hint,

a clue,

a moment to feel.

For you I'll never cease trying to make the impossible real.

I'll sweep my hand across the sky

gathering each planet and their collective dreams.

I'll sow the moon so to reap the sprouts of silver moonbeams,

corral each shooting star like cosmic fireflies to place inside a jar,
to place atop a shelf all for you.

I'll never cease trying to make the impossible true.
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[07 Dec 2005|05:34pm]
Hello world!!
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It was in my shoe along with my foot. [12 Nov 2005|01:25pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Has anyone ever seen Issac Brock get electocuted while singing with Broken Social Scene? I have!

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[10 Nov 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Does anyone know where I could sell the Adult Chiness Checkers I handcrafted?


From the south pole of my heart!! [10 Oct 2005|09:29pm]
I miss you all. Especialy Lupy!!!

[06 Oct 2005|03:34pm]
?Sabes que?

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EVIL HAS FOUR LUCKY FEET [29 Sep 2005|11:52pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]


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[26 Sep 2005|08:06pm]
Hey kids help me celebrate "Bye Nothing Day", all you have to do is bye nothing. It will be on the day after Thanksgiving.

Learn more here: http://www.adbusters.org/metas/eco/bnd/#
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;) [06 Aug 2005|10:46pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


Greeting from los dudes [29 Jul 2005|10:56pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Salutations to all from Seattle. Miss the lot of you.
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Hola......... [12 Jul 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | gray ]

Greetings from Seattle. It's Gray. very gray.

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